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24 Hour Emergency Services in Friendswood Texas

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There are various causes of water damage. It can be a result of a variety of natural disasters, fire fighting techniques, broken pipes, faulty sewer, roofs and numerous of other destructive situations. Through an hour, damage from the water can occur and bacteria can start to grow in carpet, floor, and paper. Contact the professionals’ plumbers to assist restore your house or office. We have restriction a list of suggestions to help minimize loss whilst our staff is at your property. We offer flood removal, sewage backup and water damage repair to remove water and sewage from furniture and upholstery.

Fire and Smoke Damage, our service clean up can prevent permanent damage to your home. Mold Handling – When water is allowed to sit, mold can grow and lead to health problems. We inspect for signs of mold contamination and provide remediation services. Water damage can affect everything in your home from walls to carpeting. Avoid unpleasant odors and further damage by acting now. We’ll be on-site anywhere in Friendswood within short time. Our technicians can treat any water contamination that takes place and will dry out the floors to prevent irreclaimable damages.

We use the best water Removal Equipment such as; Infrared camera may be used to realize water location for thorough water removal, Submersible and gas-powered pumps for constantly pumping of high level water. Also truck and portable extraction units repair efficient water removal. We equipped Hi-Tech drying equipment like drying equipment helps prevent property water damage, industrial grade dehumidifiers; High-speed air movers create airflow across walls, carpets, pads and furniture, evaporation moisture. Eventually some cases call for special drying techniques that require state of the art equipment and training.

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For safety, follow these tips: do not enter the affected area until after decontamination, do not try any cleaning for safety and health reasons, do not walk on wet carpeting to avoid spreading water to affected areas, In addition, do not use a household vacuum cleaner to avoid electric shock, turn off the electricity in an affected rooms, as well as, Pay special attention to children and pets. They are more susceptible to disease, place foil or plastic under furniture legs to prevent rust or furniture stains on floors, finally be extremely careful on wet, slippery floors to prevent slip and fall accidents.


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If you need fire, smoke or water removal at your home or office, please browse our website to know more details about our top quality services. Call us of Friendswood today. Your call will be answered 24 hours a day and you will never get a machine or voice mail we have your call answered by a live person at any hour. Our mission concentrate on safely drying, satisfaction our customer and disinfecting the areas damaged by water. We’re here for you…getting you, your home and your family’s life back to normal as soon as possible.

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